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The art of Randy Thom

 Sound designer (FW35)

Art in-sight
  • Art in-sight 22 (FW35)   ( 4 Articles )

    Issue 22 (FW35)
    Edited by Chris Meigh-Andrews: The Venice Biennale

    Chris Meigh-Andrews
    Looking at Recent Moving Image Work at the 52nd Venice Biennale from an international Perspective
    Aneta Krzemien
    Stories from ‘Bad’ Territories – notes on selected moving image work at the 52nd Venice Biennale
    Cinzia Cremona
    Intimacy in Excess
    Vince Briffa
    The (Inter)national (Inter)face of (Inter)action – a look at some of the technologically interactive works at the 52nd International Venice Biennale

  • Art in-sight 21 (FW34)   ( 5 Articles )

    Issue 21 (FW34)
    Edited by Laura Malacart: DOCUMENTA 12

    Laura Malacart
    What’s Art Got to Do with It?
    Anne Robinson
    All At Sea: Johanna Billing and Dias & Riedweg at Documenta 12
    Russell Martin
    Above All, We Seek Enlightenment, but only Ever Find Things.
    Gill Addison
    The Ties that Bind

  • Art in-sight 20 (FW33)   ( 4 Articles )

    Issue 20 (FW33)
    Edited by Michael Maziere: The dispersed subject

    Michael Maziere
    The Dispersed Subject
    Steven Ball
    Background, Foreground, Middle Distance Landscape, Technology, Subjectivity and Artist’s Time Based Media
    Cate Elwes
    The Declared Camera of Margaret Tait
    Michael Maziere
    Tim Macmillan Talks about the Origins and Role of the Time-Slice Camera in His Artwork

  • Art in-sight 19 (FW32)   ( 5 Articles )

    Issue 19 (FW32)
    Edited by Doran George: The documentary explosion

    Doran George
    Defending America: The Silent Partner to the Documentary Explosion
    Jo Minion
    Fuck Entertainment
    Lauren Hartman
    PEACE OUT: The Emergence Of Activist and Documentary Gaming. Interview with Jeff Cain
    Susan Stryker
    Dismembering and Remembering: Arts Practice, Documentary Film, and Transsexual Theorizing

    Interview With Sandi Dubowski, Director Of The Award Winning Documentary Trembling Before G-D

  • Art in-sight 18 (FW31)   ( 5 Articles )

    Issue 18 (FW31)
    Edited by Ken Wilder and Adam Kossoff: Angles of projections

    Ken Wilder And Adam Kossof
    Angles of Projection
    Margaret Iversen
    The Gaze in Perspective (Introduction)
    Catherine Elwes
    The Multiple Spaces of Monitor Based Installation
    Tony Sinden
    Cool Room
    Adam Kossoff
    Terra Infirma: Nearness Versus Farness

  • Art in-sight 17 (FW30)   ( 4 Articles )

    Issue 17 (FW30)
    Edited by Metin Alsanjak and Catherine Elwes

    Metin Alsanjak
    The Growth of Artist’s Film at the Film Festival. A Report
    George Clark
    Reflections on Emerging: New British Artists’ Film and Video
    Catherine Elwes
    Video Art, The Early Years
    Toby Haggith
    Ori Gersht - The Clearing

  • Art in-sight 16 (FW29)   ( 4 Articles )

    Issue 16 (FW29)
    Edited By Orla Ryan: On Memory And Film

    Orla Ryan
    Memory And Film
    Jessica Scarlata
    Othello Nightmares: Time, Race And Tragedy In Fred Wilson’s September Dream
    Pat Murphy
    Begin With A Memory
    Janine Sack
    There Was A Plan

  • Art in-sight 15 (FW28)   ( 4 Articles )

    Issue 15 (FW28)
    Edited by George Barber: On Found Footage

    George Barber
    Found Footage
    Michael Maziere
    The Big Search
    Kathy Kubicki
    Found Material In The Work Of Jordan Baseman
    Kathy Kubicki
    Venice Biennale 2005 Report On Video

  • Art in-sight 14 (FW27)   ( 3 Articles )

    Issue 14 (FW27)
    Edited by Jackie Hatfield: On Expanded Cinema

    Jackie Hatfield
    Expanded Cinema - And ‘Cinema Of Attractions’
    Grahame Weinbren
    The Erl King and Its Digital Emulation
    Chris Hales
    Cinematic Interaction: from Kinoautomat to Cause and Effect

  • Art in-sight 13 (FW26)   ( 4 Articles )

    Issue 13 (FW26)
    Edited by Gill Addison: On VALIE EXPORT

    Gill Addison
    Laura Malacart
    Touch Me, Touch Me Not
    Tina Keane
    Couch Live Performance With Camera, Projection And Internet Link
    Rosa Reitsamer

  • Art in-sight 12 (FW25)   ( 5 Articles )

    Issue 12 (FW25)
    Edited by David Chapman: On sound in artists’ film and video

    David Chapman
    Opening the Sonic Envelope
    Richard Couzins

    A Piece to Camera: Voice in Artists in Film and Video
    Gill Addison
    Speaking Openly
    Rob Flint
    Performance, Improvisation and Image Processed Video
    Louise K Wilson
    Chris Watson : zoviet* france:

  • Art in-sight 11 (FW24)   ( 3 Articles )

    Issue 11 (FW24)
    Edited by Sarah Pucill: The question of the subject and the autobiographic

    Sarah Pucill
    The Question Of The Subject And The Autobiographic In Artists Moving Image Practice
    Lucy Reynolds
    Re-Interpreting Reel Time
    Jackie Hatfield
    The Subject In Expanded Cinema

  • Art in-sight 10 (FW23)   ( 5 Articles )

    Issue 10 (FW23)
    Edited by Catherine Fowler: Double Visions, Double Frames

    Catherine Fowler
    Double Visions, Double Frames
    Maeve Connolly
    The double space of Willie Doherty’s Re-run
    Jackie Hatfield
    Some Reasons for a Review of the Avant-garde Debates around Definitions of Narrativity
    Maria Walsh
    And ethics of looking: Marine Hugonnier’s Ariana and Tacita Dean’s Boots
    Gill Eatherley
    Extracts from Recordings for Relating a Tape/prose Piece by Annabel Nicholson (1979)

  • Art in-sight 9 (FW22)   ( 3 Articles )

    Issue 9 (FW22)
    Review of A Century of Artists’ Film and Video

    David Curtis
    Curating a Century of Artists’ Film in Britain
    Nina Danino
    A Century of Artists’ film in Britain : A Response to the Curatorial Rationale
    George Barber
    ‘Why I love caravans and VHS video cassettes’

  • Art in-sight 8 (FW21)   ( 7 Articles )

    Issue 8 (FW21)
    Edited by Gill Addison: On the relationship between performance live art in film and video

    Gill Addison
    A third space
    Laura Malacart
    Live Culture at the Tate Modern
    Nicky Hamlyn
    The undercut reader: Critical Writings on Artists’ Film and Video. Edited by M Maziere and N Danino
    Aaron Williamson
    Performance Film
    Ian White
    Recording and Performing: Cinema as a Live Art
    David Chapman
    Wigs of Wonderment
    Doran George
    What I feel inside and what I see through your lens

  • Art in-sight 7 (FW20)   ( 8 Articles )

    Issue 7 (FW20)
    Edited by Kathy Kubicki

    Kathy Kubicki
    A sense of place in the work of Ori Gersht and Shirin Neshat
    Nicky Hamlyn
    Douglas Gordon: What Have I Done
    Chris Townsend
    Locating video: The experimental works of Beryl Korot
    Charlotte Mullins
    Victor Burgin: Watergate
    Anna Malik

    What lies beneath? Steve McQueen’s Carib’s Leap and Western Deep
    Libby Anson
    Alienation and Trauma: Inside the work of Juan Delgado
    Taru Elfving
    Innocence as a screen: Georgina Starr’s Bunny Lake Series
    Steven Ball

    British Artist’s Film and Video Study Collection

  • Art in-sight 6 (FW19)   ( 0 Articles )

    Issue 6 (FW19)
    Edited by Gill Addison

    Gill Addison
    Editorial: Etnography Of The Near
    Laura Malacart
    The Fiction Of The Real: Ahtila at the Tate
    Alia Syed
    From New Cross to Hoxton 
    Alya Syed
    Alia Syed and Noski Deville. Secret Films and Cinematographic Emotion
    Jananne Al-Ani
    She Said
    Roy Wallace
    The Politics of Process

  • Art in-sight 4 (FW17)   ( 0 Articles )

    Issue 4 (FW17)
    Edited By Catherine Elwes

    Tamsin Dillon
    Twice upon a time. Notes on a recent work by Mark Dean
    Nicky Hamlyn
    Turner Prize 2001
    Peggy Gale
    Into the light: The Projected Image in American Art 1964-1977 Whitney Museum of American Art, NY
    Sue K
    Creating the light: Experimental Film and Video at Gallery 291
    Catherine Elwes
    Dipping into the digital: the persistence of Gestalt
    David Garcia
    Artist as Toolmaker: Art Works that Learn
    Cedar Lewisohn
    Stan Douglas: In and Out of the Frame An interview with Kate Bush of The Photographer’s gallery

  • Art in-sight 5 (FW18)   ( 0 Articles )

    Issue 5 (FW18)
    Edited by Susan Morris

    Susan Morris
    Editorial: The Blank
    Lucy Steeds
    Time’s Printless Torrent: La Pluie
    Lucy Reynolds
    The suspended narratives of Stan Douglas
    Marc Hulson
    Edward Dorrian: Contingency and Incident
    Malcolm LeGrice
    Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!
    Ruth Blue
    Arrêt demandé

  • Art in-sight 3 (FW16)   ( 0 Articles )

    Issue 3 (FW16)
    Edited By Catherine Elwes

    Catherine Elwes 
    Thinking about Pipilotti Rist at Tate Modern and on the South Bank
    Anna Katrine Dolven at the South London Gallery
    Leigh McCarthy
    Doug Aitken: The Ecstasy of Communication
    Nicky Hamlyn
    Almost Cover to Cover: Michael Snow. A retrospective at the
    Arnolfini Gallery.
    New York Conversations. Filmmakers talk to Barbara Meters
    Books: Catherine Elwes
    Art and Feminism: Edited By Helena Reckitt And Peggy Phelan
    The Fruits Of Labour Creativity, Self-Expression and Motherhood
    Edited by Penny Sumner

  • Art in-sight 2 (FW15)   ( 0 Articles )

    Issue 2 (FW15)
    Edited By Catherine Elwes

    Catherine Elwes
    Tacita Dean at Tate Britain
    Nicky Hamlyn
    Bill Viola: Five Angels for the Millennium and Other New Works
    Chris Meigh-Andrews
    Video Tapes, Installations & Projections; 1978-2001
    Laura Malacart
    Video in Venice
    Uri Tzaig at the Lux Gallery
    Sharon Morris
    Moving Image as Art : Time-based Media in the Art Gallery. A
    conference at Tate Britain and Tate Modern

  • Art in-Sight 1 (FW14)   ( 1 Article )

    Issue 1 (FW14)
    Edited By Catherine Elwes

    Catherine Elwes
    Starting A Conversation About… Artists’ Film, Video And Installation.
    Sotiris Kyriacou
    Michael Maziere And Cordelia Swann At Wigmore Fine Arts
    Clive Gillman
    Processing Fluid a Brief History of Independent Moving Image Art In the UK
    Anna Thew
    Film’s Lascivious Surface or Film Is The Future
    Katharine Meynell
    Specifically Video
    Peter Gidal
    There Is No Other
    Marty St James
    Julia Knight
    The Problem Of Practice: Julia Knight Reviews The Literature On British Independent Film And Video