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Venice Biennale

It would be nice to do something political (AIS 22)

Transitions and Transgressions

The British avant-garde and methods of opposition, 1985-1994. By Gareth Buckell

By 1985, many of the diverse currents that had constituted late Seventies British avant-garde film had lost their momentum. Its individual filmmakers continued production, but the Structuralists found that younger filmmakers, particularly those from minority backgrounds, were not always interested in their debates, or strongly influenced by their works, further weakening a theoretical base already undermined by the feminist challenge.The feminist theorists found that the next generation of female directors placed greater emphasis on the ‘personal’ aspect of the ‘personal is political’ slogan, exploring their bodies and sexualities more than social structures, thus challenging the cinematic gaze in a more instinctive fashion, and psychoanalytic and feminist film theory eventually interested academics more than women filmmakers.