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Venice Biennale

It would be nice to do something political (AIS 22)

24 frames a second

Peter Tscherkassky, Gustav Deutsch and the Austrian Avant-Garde. By Gareth Buckell

Peter Tscherkassky is, in many ways, a pivotal figure in the history of the Austrian avant-garde. Tscherkassky, born in 1958, was inspired by the two main currents in this history: first the Vienna Actionists, whose post-Dadaistic texts and brutally explicit filmed performances were astoundingly visceral reactions to one of post-war Europe’s most stiflingly conservative societies.Concurrently, Austria also fostered the works of Peter Kubelka and Kurt Kren, concerned with the materiality of film, and it is this strand that Tscherkassky has strived to develop, both through his own filmmaking, and the establishment of Sixpack Films in 1991 to organise the ‘Found Footage – Filme aus gefundenem Materialto’ festival and distribute non-commercial Austrian works. Tscherkassky has also promoted other successors to this tradition, including ‘found footage’ artists Dietmar Brehm, Lisly Ponger and Gustav Deutsch.