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The Passenger or the search for identity (FW31)

Randy Thom

A Sound Designer’s best recipes or why Ratatouille is one of last year’s best films. By Gustavo Costantini

“[Randy] was to find himself between two different, though complementary, approaches to sound design: Walter Murch’s, which we could say is related more to the whole structure of a film, paying close attention to the literary sources of the narrative – and Ben Burtt’s, which we might describe as more attached to the qualities of the sounds themselves, trying to recreate the film’s universe by the very sound imagery that he builds timbrallythrough timbre”

“Most of the time, in order to be fully appreciated, these montages or these lonely sounds need to be surrounded by silence, without music or dialogue. It is not a question of being sonic-centered, but sound is not as powerful as the spoken word or even music, which has traditional codes and conventions that quickly predispose audiences to many moods. As film is both vococentric and verbocentric dialogue is probably the deadliest weapon against sound design”